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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Debby's Dares Question 10

Weeks ago, I decided to participate in Debby's Dares, but I haven't start any of the weekly questions until now. I got Question 10 What was your very favorite birthday? completed and here is my creation.
Journaling reads:
My birthday is at the end of August. It is 8 days before my Mom’s birthday and 14 days before my Grandmother’s birthday. I also had a cousin and a Aunt with birthdays in August. So often, we would celebrate all of our birthdays together. As a child, we moved a lot and I changed schools accordingly. Also, my birthday often fell before the start of school, and if we had moved, I hadn’t made any friends in the new town so my birthdays often consisted of family, family friends and neighbors. I always attended schoolmates’ birthday parties but never had any schoolmates at my birthday parties until we stopped moving and changing schools. For those reasons, my favorite birthday was my eleventh birthday. It was also my favorite birthday because it was the first and only time I had an actual surprise party which was an actual surprise. Usually I discovered the birthday plans, but not this particular birthday. My Aunt/Godmother planned the whole party, and she enlisted the help of my best friend, Joleene. Joleene’s job was to keep me occupied the day of the party, and Joleene did her job well. We rode bikes and even convinced me to wear my favorite frilly dress when my Aunt was going to take out us for lunch. Alas, we didn’t go to lunch, but instead several of my friends popped out when I came downstairs after putting on my frilly party dress for the lunch with my Aunt. The party was complete with a preteen theme, matching decorations, balloons, games, and most important of all, my friends and family. I felt like a real princess for the day, and is one of the fondest memories of my childhood.