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My Craft Room

My room is a little rustic.  Some day I hope to redo the walls, ceiling and the floor, but for now, I have the spare room in our home as  my craft room.  Again, as I said, it is a little rustic and I do have to share it with the family(meaning they store their extra stuff in there -like dd's barbie collection or dh's extensive collection of books and remnants from ds with his glow in the dark stars).  My room is definitely not one you would see in a magazine.   But it is my own little space.  So let's head on into my room

And here to greet us on our tour is one of my furbabies and trusty assistant, Kit Kat.  She also likes to call this room HERS.  She sits on the Dale Jr. seat cushion on the shelves in front of the window and guards the house.  At least that is the story she gives us,  really she is just soaking up sun and getting into mischief.  The other furbaby Cuddles use to hang out in here and catch the rays, but since she is 18 it is hard for her to jump up high so she usually just comes into say hi and remind me to come sit with her.  
My desk was made by husband, and I love it.  And caught in the act of knocking a loose flower off my desk and onto the flower is Kit Kat.   It is not uncommon for her to do that or to pick up one of the flowers and run off with it to play somewhere else in the house with it.  

My husband made my desk for me from some old wood he had.    I keep my tool boxes(Plano) and my cricut on it so they are at my fingertips.  I used old spice racks to house some of jars with buttons or paint dabbers.I purchased a ribbon wall organizer so my ribbon is at my fingertips.

On the right side of my desk, I have a paper trolley with some of my pattern paper.   And I have hanging file organizer to store my Paper cutter and papers.
On the left side of my desk, I have some Cubes I bought from Michaels for my solid paper and of course, my BOOM BOX.  I work better with music.

My husband bought me some heavy duty utility shelves from Sam's club.  I store some clear containers with projects, Sizzix dies, my cricut cartridge organizers, flower organizers on them as well as providing a spot for Kit Kat to sun herself.  As you can see our tour guide is making sure they are in their proper place.  And Yes, a view of Kit Kat's perch(Dale Jr. Seat cushion).  

Hubby also gave me this handy dandy little bin to store flowers, paper corners, etc.  I store my clear stamps in these little books.  And I used the bins below for flowers and other embellishements.

I have some Martha Stewart Cubes to house my clear organizer boxes of brads, punches,

I have another table in my room.  It is my diecutting area.

I store my albums on a bookshelf next to my diecutting table which hubby made(Hubby stores his books there too).

I store my paper scraps in hanging files in a plastic crate.

On the back of my door, I have a door hanger which I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond to hang my crop bags.

This summer I plan to paint my desk, shelves and cubes.  And hopefully, I will get a chance to do the ceiling, wall and floor.   Well, thanks for stopping by.    

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