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Friday, September 23, 2011

Stay tuned for my Furbabies new page of their own

Yes, that is right.  My two little furkittens have decided to leap onto a page of their own. Stay tuned as they start their own little page called "The Adventure of Cuddles and Kit Kat."  They were inspired as they sat with me today as we  went a on Dog Walk at Gilby's Craftster  and we hopped by Princess Penelope.  So, now my frisky little felines have decided it is time for them to roarrrrrrrrr on to a blog of their own!  I am sure it will be a meowy good time.


craftaholic said...

Hi Barbara!
Hope that things are going good with you!! I have to apologize for not getting my stickles holder posted until just about 2 minutes ago...LOL sorry...I love the idea of your furbabies having their very own blog...That is cool and I think mine would like that too!! Then Cuddles and Kit Kat could become followers of my 2 furbabies!! so when you can hop on over to my blog and check out the project and BTW I am Having my very First ever Birthday blog hop in November for my Birthday, It is going to be called Me and Mickey's Birthday blog hop!! Hope that you can mark your calender and join in on all the fun and Creativity!!

Crafty Hugs

Barbara B said...

Awesome, I am heading there right now! Kit Kat and Cuddles would love to have other furbabies to follow. Marked my calendar for your birthday hop(so I dont forget, old age setting in)