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Friday, December 18, 2015

Last minute gifts blog hop

Welcome to Last Minute Gifts Blog Hop
We've got some awesome ideas today to create those last minute holiday gifts.
Each of the bloggers has one or more great idea for fabulous, easy gifts that can be
created at the last minute for those holiday gift giving opportunities.
You may want to create a few of them to have on hand in your "Gift Closet."
Doesn't everyone have a gift closet full of gifts ready to give?
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Now on with the projects!  I have made several projects, but each center around a candle or a snow globe.   My first project is a lighted snow globe in a mason jar.
 These are the items I used  to make it.  A large mouth mason jar, Owl ornament from walmart, white cardboard, mini lights from dollar store, scrapbook paper and some embellishments.

First, I started by tracing around the lid on scrapbook paper twice and twice on cardboard.  I cut the circles out and glued with my xyron machine one cardboard circle to bottom of one scrapbook paper circle.  I glued one set of circles to bottom of jar and other set to metal lid circle and inserted into metal ring.

Next, I cut a 4 1/2 x 5 piece of double sided scrapbook paper.  I adhered two trees I cut with my sizzix.  I laid one down on the paper and then adhered the second one slightly off the other one with pop dots.  I used rhinestones to decorate like ornaments.

I added my mini lights into the bottom of the jar and use glue dots to attach the battery box to the back of the mason jar.   I added snow to the bottom so it covered the wires.  Then, I added my decorated square with trees to it covered the battery box.  Next, I attached glue dots to the bottom of my owl and lowered him into the mason jar.  I attached the mason jar cover and ran a jingle bell on to the wire tinsel ribbon which I attached to the mason jar rim lid.  I made a bow and placed it on the top with two snowflakes.

My next project is two different wine glass candle holders.  For the purple holder, I used glitter spray paint on it.  For the green one, I use modge podge and green glass glitter.
For the green one, I applied the modge podge in sections and then sprinkled the green glass glitter on it.  I eyeballed it and didn't mark off where I was going to stop.  It is a little uneven and I would suggest marking off the area.

After it was completely dry, I waited 24 hours to be safe.  I decorated it by attaching snowflake rim around the top of the area with the glitter to hide the uneveness.  I attached a bow and ribbon with a snowflake.  

On the the bottom, I attached another bow with a bell.  Shortly under the wine glass, I glued a small piece of gold rim around the stem to hide a spot with no glitter.  I added some snow into the glass and inserted my flameless candle.

For the purple one, I did mark it off with painters tape and then proceeded to spray the area I wanted to cover with Krylon Glitter Spray(Grape)  After it sufficiently dried, I decorated it basically the same way as the green one except it wasn't necessary to put a gold ribbon on the stem under the goblet portion.

For my final project today, I made these two combination snow globe/candle holders.(My sister Connie gave me the idea)  I made them basically the same way but with different creatures in the globe, and one is obviously smaller.   

I started by tracing the bottom of the goblets onto scrapbook paper and the metal rim of large mouth mason jar cover.  I traced the cover twice for each candle.  I cut the circles out and ran them through my xyron machine.

I adhered the goblet circle to the bottom of the goblet, and the mason jar circles to each side of the mason jar lids.  I then planned out my positions of my little globe friends on the mason jar lid.  I tried the goblet over it before hot glueing the contents down to ensure everything fit perfectly.  Once I was sure it fit, I glued the items to the lid.  I filled the goblet with a little snow.(I inverted the mason jar lid with the little creatures into the goblet and turned it over several times to make sure the amount of snow I put in the goblet didn't drown my figures. )  Then, I ran glue around the edge of the lid with the figures and inserted the figures and lid into the goblet.  I took some tinsel wired ribbon and ran it around the outside of the goblet/metal lid rim.  I glued it in place with hot glue. I then glued a large hot pink snowflake to the bottom of the goblet/lid.  I glue a white snowflake to the top of the globet.  I layered a lt pink snowflake on top of the white and glued it down to the white.  I tied a ribbon with snowflake and christmas light bulbs around the stem.  I added my flameless candle to the topl.

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Katydid Cards said...

I just don't know where to begin...these are great gift ideas. You took dollar store items and made them look like a million bucks! Then what you did with wine glasses amazed me! The only thing I do with them is drink wine...enjoyable but not effective as a gift! I enjoyed hopping with you!

Cropalcoholic!! said...

Those are some really cool projects and a great gift ideas. Thanks for hopping with me.


Carey Nusbaum said...

Wonderful and beautiful gift ideas! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

Golden Goddess Designs said...

these are completely precious! I love them all! fantastic ideas!!


Theresa Knopf said...

Great gift ideas! I'm going to have to find some glitter spray paint.
THANKS for hopping with me this year! Can't wait to hop in 2016.

Anna C said...

I love everything!
Merry Christmas

Crafty Carrie said...

Great ideas they are all very cute

auntbubbels said...

Great great ideas, I especially like the upside down wine glasses.

Joni said...

beautiful projects.

Mary Holshouser said...

the candles are beautiful.
I love that owl in the jar.
There are so many different animals that could be used
thanks for a wonderful idea - I'll be using that one.
Merry Christmas

Lisa Frederick said...

Such great ideas! You were a very busy girl! Great hopping with you.

lorby said...

Great projects! I have wanted to try the glitter thing with some of my wine glasses and really appreciate that you did it more than one way and explained what you used. I have a few wine glasses I have stored away to try this. Thanks for sharing some great projects.

Jennifer Earley said...

So pretty!! I love all of your project, one even prettier then the next! Merry Christmas!

Lisa K said...

These are wonderful gifts. So nice to have directions to create with.

sandie said...

love these